Hi! I'm Harald, a game developer and programmer from Sweden.

Ever since my introduction to programming in middle-school I've had my mind set on making games.

I now have almost a decade worth of game projects behind me, some of which have made it here!

Explore my portfolio or GitHub profile to see examples of my work!

// Recent Work

Sharkmob | 2021 - 2023

Personal Projects


This youtube-channel is dedicated to my devlogs, where I talk about progress on my project and my solutions to different challenges.

I started the channel about two months ago, together with my current game project.


This is my hobby project. It is a game with focus on movement and parkour, melee-combat and magical abilities. The game includes an online backend and procedural level generation.

Using Unreal Engine, Blender and Nakama


This is a set of tools that make it easier to work with c++ in Godot.

The biggest feature is the automatic generation of registration code, which simplifies the process of exposing things to the editor.

Acerola Furry Challenge

Shell texturing with some fake jiggle physics in Godot!

This was a fun one-day project as part of the Acerola Furry Challenge.


This is my take on an arcadey airplane controller together with an interesting water shader.

This was a fun one-week project made in Godot!

// The Game Assembly | Education



// Earlier Work

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