My projects in chronological order

I've worked on more than a handful of games. It might be confusing for someone else to follow along when I talk about these projects, so here is a timeline of all the major ones, including some old gems from when I first started learning programming.



I am currently remaking Swiftblade, my hobby project, in my own game engine. You can follow my progress here!

(Reindeer Herding)


Swiftblade in Unreal Engine


Swiftblade is my hobby project. A first-person movement-focused games with melee combat and magical abilities. Developed using Unreal 5, Blender and Nakama.

In this week-long project I experimented with writing an arcadey airplane-controller and an interesting water shader with ripples.

Developed in Godot.

Exoborne is an open world extraction shooter. I was part of the gameplay programming team for this game.

My main contributions were to camera and weapons. I also worked closely to the Tools-team, helping in creating tools related to gameplay.


(Started working at Sharkmob)


TGA - Kero Kero

TGA - Swarmed

TGA - Charons Labour

TGA - Roadkill Express

AstroLizard was the last group-project at TGA. During this project, we really got to show of what our custom engine was capable of, and apply it all in this cute space platformer.

My proudest contribution to this project was the custom 3D renderer, written in DirectX.


(Started studying at TGA)


LRV - Human Snatcher


The Race Of Weird Creatures



The first game I published! Made in GameMaker and published on Google Play and App Store. I also wrote a server for this game, which included a matchmaker (since the game was online)

Spook Dungeon

An open world rpg adventure, very ambitious... At least it wasn't multiplayer.

Humble beginnings in the console